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Monday, 26 February 2018


Qualified should will demonstrate the following responsibilities.:-

1- Manages and coordinates maintenance and repairs on camp facilities including plumbing, painting, carpentry, cleaning, and electrical duties.

2 Employs and supervises Workers to operate dining facilities. Receiving and distributing employee daily food parcels.
3 Assumes responsibility for checking in and out camp grounds and non-camp groups and maintenance records.
4 Inspects all camp facilities and reports to relevant personnel.
5 Supervises and orients camp Laborers the utmost utilization of Resources like Water and Electricity Etc.
6 Maintains liaison with in-house nursing Workers and medical clinics in the area.
6 Assumes responsibility for weekly camp attendance summary, financial records and other required reports.
7 Assumes responsibility for security of camp facilities and camp personnel.
8 Arranging manpower on timely basis according to their work locations.
9 Coordinating with camp supervisor and project coordinators finger print and medical checkup employees with the information 3 day in advance.
10 Checking fire extinguishers on daily basis.
11 Securing the camp and rooms to be accommodated only company employees.
12 Checking rooms every day ( Anybody absent or sick) keep record
13 Any sick person arrange medication/transportation (If required)
14 Supervision for Housekeeping (Cleaning of toilets, corridors, surrounding etc.)
15 Keep record for water tanker (If buying from outside) otherwise meter reading on weekly basis.
16 Disposal of sewage water and maintain proper record if tanker hire-in.
17 Supervision of Staff/Workers Canteen
18 Co-ordination with Admin. Dept. for new arrivals/departures
19 Co-ordination with Admin. Dept. for distribution of company letters etc.
20 Any other job if required to perform.

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